Visitors to School

Thank you to visitors and parents who are overwhelmingly pleasant and polite in their communications with school.

Whilst we understand there may be occasions when parents / visitors feel under pressure please note that we have a duty of care to our staff as well as to our students.

Staff at the school are expected to show respect for all people they come into contact with in the course of their duties by being polite and courteous at all times and will endeavour to deal effectively with any reasonable request they receive from visitors and callers to the school.  The school also expects visitors and callers to the school to treat our staff respectfully and courteously at all times.

We take seriously any perceived threatening, abusive or violent behaviour towards any member of our staff, whether this is during a telephone conversation, or during a visit to the school.  If a caller or visitor is violent, abusive or raises their voice to any member of staff they will be advised to stop their behaviour.  If the behaviour persists, we will terminate the call or ask the visitor to leave the premises.

Parents, carers and visitors should be aware that a request for an appointment must be made in advance if they wish to see a particular member of staff.  Arriving without an appointment may mean that there is no-one available at that time.