December 2017: Court visit helps students plan their careers

A TRIP to Manchester Crown Court helped our sixth form law students map out potential careers. Our aspiring lawyers took part in a courtroom workshop and got to sit in on real trials.

The 17 Year 13 students had already visited a Magistrates Court in Year 12 and so could compare and contrast the experiences.

Hannah Crook, 17, said: “The subjects the Crown Court dealt with were much more serious. We were split into two groups and some people watched a rape trial and others an assault; in the Magistrates Court we saw a lot of people wanting bail.”

Arina Dijan, 17, said: “The main difference to me was how the court is structured. The barristers and solicitors take the lead in the Crown Court whereas in the other court it was the magistrates asking the questions.

“We watched how the barristers keep on asking questions of the witnesses and it was really intense.”

Arina, who hopes to become a barrister, added: “This visit has solidified what I want to do. I was brought up with everyone saying that I would have a career in law and I will hopefully get a place at Newcastle University.”

Hannah’s ambition is to be a forensic psychologist.

She said: “I was really impressed with the courts, especially seeing the jury and how the witnesses and defendants present themselves to the jury and the legal teams.

“After A levels I am looking to go to university to study psychology, possibly with law, at Kent or Edinburgh.”